Why i still maybe not get my potato chips but zong cut my credit already?

Why i still maybe not get my potato chips but zong cut my credit already?

We additionally had a fee on my mobile bill for Premium Messaging when you look at the level of $39.96. I didn’t demand this. We called Verizon and so they blocked all premium texting and credited my bill $29.97. I experienced instead spend $9.99 than $40. Many Thanks Verizon!

Exactly what the hell? there is certainly this text from Zong saying one thing about a pin rule? WTH? plus it claims its gonna bill me 200pesos. strange.

we had recived texts from a ramdom person plus it had charged my phone

Respected Sir/Madam 0315-4495602 this number disturbing me continuesly be sure to take strict action against this quantity I would like your attention please have actually attention on my this complain

Me back my money if you dony give the chips, please give.

I’ve 2 $29.97 costs from Zong on my mobile phone bill. I didn’t authorize these costs. These are generally to my 13 12 months old son’s phone line. That is absurd . A refund is wanted by me.

we have purchased chip on slingo bingo plus it hasnt offered me them but has charged me personally

sir, we have gotten call from ZONG no.03145142106 owner kamran tahir, providing me personally you have win Rs.5 lac from malamal lorty, i’m calling from zong h.o.islamabad. This no.00966509638654 is known as by you for lots more information. sir, I will be requesting to you pls stop this no. our CELL NO.03133054381. thanking you. Ahmed Bilal

I’d like to notify everyone else that then disable the premium services on their mobile numbers if you do not want to have your mobile phone accounts any unauthorized charges made by minors. Additionally, its your responsibility when you provided a phone that is mobile your sons or daughters. Zong does not charge the mobile figures without the verification through the one keeping the phone that is actual we have been giving either PIN to key-in returning to the computer or answer utilizing the keyword as instructed. In case your small youngster can cause a free account on games or websites that are meant for grownups, then, it’s not Zong’s responsiblity to test every person’s age if they purchase online utilising the platform.

We lived right here in philippines and had been charged 1710 pesos (which can be extremely amount that is large our cash) for zong acquisitions. i havent received any verification or FYI me or i purchased something that they charged. That is really UNAUTHORIZED!! Now it is rather difficult to dispute this fees.

For anybody on personal internet sites. Whenever somebody who might seem become someone interest that is showing you asks for the quantity good sense should start working. And also to offer this person the PIN quantity is silly. This happend for me but i’ve good sense and did a quick search about Zong and figured it had been a scam by somebody posing become through the Philipines. Yeah those idiots are shut by me down quick. You dudes need certainly to be much more careful never ever provide a pin provided for your phone to anybody.

Receiving harassment calls from Zong Mobile # 03132527129 please block the true number other smart we shall go to court against Zong individual.

please stop Zong number 03132527129 we have been getting harassment calls other smart we head to court in next 3 times

Simply today we received a message that is text ZONG about some deal that they had. Never ever had we once heard about this web site. They provided me with a conformation rule and exactly what occurred a few moments later on? We have a message that my phone had been faced with $9.99 for one thing We NEVER agreed to buying!! Used to don’t respond using the conformation rule. To tell the truth, I do not even think i’ll have the thing We supposedly purchased. Then a message was received by me from ATT. I have been charged the quantity. Well like most individual would, we attempted to refund it. BUT NEEDLESS TO SAY! I acquired rejected. Exactly what a surprise! The thing I’m wondering is the fact that is it feasible for another person to deliver the conformation rule? Therefore they run away with the benefits that I get charged and. In that case. Exactly what a fraud!! And a poorly run website.

I became on a web page and some body texted me from zong and asked for the pin they got therefore am We likely to get charged because We have it for them like an idiot and once I searched zong and I also feel stupid now.anyway am I going to get charged for only providing this pin to that particular individual i’ve no zong account after all therefore am I going to?

They’re also called echovox, and additionally they work part to part with all the current big operators to snatch just as much money as they possibly can just before do just about anything about this, so when you do there isn’t much you can certainly do since the operators state they do not know very well what the solution which can be costing you cash in fact is plus they are just intermediarys of this cash, and throw you down to many other companys such as the other programs do in order sexy Interracial dating to. They desire you to waste more hours by being the ball in pinball. They make income from it, which will state every cooperative who is running a business using them. Better still as soon as the head-company Zong works together PayPal to allow them to additionally launder most of the cash they take from individuals.

The corporation all messed up, scamming me personally. Then telling me to then phone my provider to reverse fees! They deliver me messages asking then instantly send me another message telling me I have bought this/these items if i ordered products with a confirmation code and. This will be a disgrace! and have always been considering using it further/legal action, since they are authorizing repayment instantly which will be impossible unless something dodgy is being conducted internally.

The corporation should indeed be smudged. I obtained billed 27.50 for one thing i did not purchase, I acquired a text message to start with asking me personally to validate the purchase, and inside the same moment, they verified it in my situation, I happened to be asleep whenever this took place, I woke up to discover that i am charged cash by Zong for a casino game that i have never ever herd of! i’ve contacted the authorities, my phone provider (that also say they cant refund me) and I also cant get your hands on Zong, has anybody got a number or has was able to sort this away another means? I would personally be grateful.

Some number that is annoying texting me personally telling me personally i need to spend random what to Zong once I don’t do just about anything on Zong. We kept deleting those communications after which Fido charged me personally a random $190 repayment for evidently making acquisitions whenever i did not. Please do one thing cause I do not understand what are you doing with my phone. My quantity is 647-895-6784. Are you able to please always check exactly what those acquisitions had been ad the quantity that sent me personally them and so I will get a method to recognize the individual making me make these random repayments for no explanation.