Kim Smit

end experiment.

A mix of 3d printing. paper and coarse cotton.

Mossy house

My personal prject revolves aorudn moss actually being abel to grow everywhere and be a friendly face in a modern and straight cold interior. As a little surprise they will have their own house and plates which can be adjusted anywhere.

In aquarium you have cages and ledges to grow underwater moss for fish to eat off, bacteria to hids in and the moss for clearing the water. Usually made out of plastic as the moss will attach to anything.

This is what you think of when you see an indoor moss garden. But these are usually fake and are hotglued (!!) onto the subject for esthetics.

I saw a maker making moss as a fuel cell through electronics. Using the microbial aspects to fuel some electronics. Very interesting behaviour.

Indoor Moss Microbial Fuel Cell

Why 3d print?

As i am a IMD student at the KABk i have foudn a love for the 3d printing machines. To b e able tto create something on the spot with almost no extra effort. To be able to create soemthing out of thin air wiht almost no waste.

For my mossy friends i would love to create shelves and house for them to grow in. To make freinds along the way and spread if they need to with their spores.

This is filament wiht seeds in it.
3D-printed circular growth plates: (a) prior to harvesting at 45 days; (b) after vacuum and mechanical harvesting; (c) micrograph at 30 × magnification of residual algae patches (diameter 500 µ m); (d) photosimulation of profilometer height readings for the same area. Color images available online at 
3d printed algae grow plates.

Other sources:


Characters and comic for Moss

A base for the introduction of the moss characters.

Mossy house pt.2

Looking into 3d prints and the best way to get moss base to attach anywhere. Moss shelves for in aquarium are kind of poetic to put in an indoorspace as it actually makes the indoor an aquarium. Livign of the human moisture.

Using this model first. A moss dome

The moss. And its house.

Using the poreus type of 3d printing i will experiment and make small houses and supports for my mossy friends.

Moss experiments

10 nov

trying to grow moss on different subjects.

I had gathered some moss and tried to grow it on several object and in different spots.

smelly mixed growing moss from walking path.
some remnants were placed in a ceramic bowl with the top off
  • The Moss in the boxes place don paper, facemask and plastic remnants have been misted once a week and kept closed.
  • A certain amount was kept in a ceramic bowl misted a bit more with no top.

    Pt 2

Results 24 nov

I was happy to see that the moss had sprouted wires and was attaching to the paper, mask and plastic! the more sofft plastic was preferred. The moss had gotten a bit dark from perhaps overwatering.

Up for testing will be more 3d prints
– how poreus?
– should it be solid?
– will it grow inside?
-small shade for the moss
– how to attach to a wall?

Mossy and friends.

4 nov 2020


1. a person of great integrity, resilience, sustainabilitytrue blue, forever, dependable.

2. a bearer of enthusiasm, delight. a supporter of new life on the earth.

3. in ancient times, it has been said to be used as a name for a loving grandmother, always there to support the earth’s little ones.

In my tragic research into lichen and all their needs i discovered i could just nto take the lichen away from its random spaces as it would be killed. Instead i go to his stepsister moss. as moss does the same thing but is less durable then lichen and grows a lots quicker.

As lichen is mostly foudn on sturdy and neglected ares moss grows anywhere there is soil and moisture. It CAN grow on rocks as this was one of the personality traits of lichen that was attractive to me.

Feeling defeated with my lichen i went outsid eo fmy door once again after a night of rain and storm and there i saw it. little moss was growing on my doorsteps.

This was after a few days after a big storm had passed.

I tried to water the moss multiple times but i saw it wasnt needed as the rain was enough. If the grass was alive then so the moss coudl live. It had been engrained by the storm together with little remnants of dirt on the decaying rocks.

This type of rock was quite poreus and the dirt was the perfect layer for the moss to grow.
I began collecting moss to take home. I left the ones on this pavement alone as it was too young and stuck. I left it to grow.

Lichen and symbiosis

Groot dooiermos (Xanthoria parietina)

Lichen is not a moss, not a plant. It is actually a fungi living in symbiosis with one or two other organisms. They will mix with an algae to capture their sugars they can get through their phtoosynthesis. The lichen fungus will be likea parasite and the algae the giving host being taken advantage off. They will use the algae to be provided with moisture and sugars.
The third partner is a cyanobacteria which can divert certain (?) co2 for the fungus to grow.

Lichen are very sensitive to airquality. The more ammonia and co2 in the air the smaller and less common it is. Some of the hardier ones will grow in the cities next to water and ponds.

They change colours within sunlight and tend to grown on drier ares, dry wood, stones etc.

Lichen are thought of to be probably one of the first and last plants that survived on earth. The first organisms on rock are lichen.

I was looking into moss as it intrigued me but then saw that was i was looking at is not moss at all. Lichen has 20.000 types of species.

I think a lichen is like a little ecosystem on its own and has interesting behaviour. It seems it is liek ahuman body, needing each other but not fully being mutual. I see osme connections and analogies of lichen to human relationships and society.

Research Questions regarding the Lichen

  • Finding out the exact method of symbiosis of the lichen.
  • Try to find specific lichen in the woods
  • Make a list of mediums to try out further growing the lichen
  • Look into Ethnolichenology lichen vs human

With the lichen