Suraya Latul

A new harness

A new harness

Some developments

Some developments

First harness prototype

First Harness Prototype

Material studies

Material Studies

Sketches wearables

Sketches wearables

Mini ecology experiment


I went back to the site I found my filamentous algae on the first day.
A walk to a little pond in a park nearby my house.
This time I took home one very big batch of algae and stored it in a glass container.
Very soon I noticed I didn’t only take the algae home…

Soon I noticed the algae hid more than I thought. I saw tiny fish, insects and creatures.
Here you see some tinu eggs(?)

After some time life began to sprout more:
a gigantic slug had risen from the water

Research questions and inspiration


In this sketchbook page is some more research on the reproduction and celstructure of spirogyra algae. Also some brainstorm sketches about ways we can possibly interact and stimulate the growth of algae inrelation to maintaining the human body. For example a sketch about how we could potentially breathe directly into the algae so they can take the CO2 from our breathing and use it to photosynthesise new oxygen.

A bio design book and some interesting links

A bio design book and some interesting links


This William Myers book on Bio Design my parents gave me as a present maybe 6 or 7 years ago. The interspecies lectures reminded me of this again and I went back to my parents place to look for it. I found some very interesting projects: also some about algae!

Some videos I found on youtube with interesting projects and algae information

Research Silk Algae


Algae presentation slide show

Sketches and notes introduction lecture

Sketchbook notes introduction presentations
I found these filamentous green algae in a pond by a restaurant in a park. It looked like a big green slimt blob but when I tried to catch a bit the structure turned out to resemble human hair….